Making your business fly



NEST Ventures is a "flying coach" for internet and igaming start-up businesses who want to leave their nest.


NEST Ventures offers a strategic overhaul of your preliminary business plan, a gateway to an extensive network of internet and igaming business professionals and entrepreneurs, managerial and operational support and seed capital.


NEST Ventures is currently involved in several businesses as investor, managerial advisor, reseller, partnership builder or all of the above. The main objective is to prepare and fine-tune the start-ups to business launch and to execute the business plan for short term exit.


NEST Ventures holds vast experience in the dos and donts of launching and running new businesses. For NEST Ventures the main factors in making your company fly higher than your competitors are "risk assessment", "incentive thinking", "the power of the written word" and "personal skill".


If you are an entrepreneur with a brilliant internet or igaming business idea and you can identify with the four main factors you are more than welcome to get in touch.







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